Why Choose Student Accommodation in Cape Town

While living on a student’s budget, finding an affordable place to stay is far easier than you could imagine. One of the most important decisions you’ll make, the first one before you even start university is deciding where you will be staying. Whether Cape Town is the new city you are moving to, or should you just be looking for your independence, student accommodation in Cape Town can be affordable and exciting.

At Student Living, we have fantastically affordable accommodation suitable for students, interns and even young professionals in need of a comfortable place to stay. Those who make up our community are offered accommodation in prime locations, near to where they will need to be. This lessens the commute and helps to save money. A comfortable and secure living space provides the perfect atmosphere for any student or young professional to reach their potential.

Screenshot-2017-12-11-21.30.24 The Benefits of Choosing Student Accommodation in Cape Town

But why else is student accommodation in Cape Town beneficial?

Friendships and Networking

This is the next phase of your life. The phase ushering in the realities of adulthood. Living within a student community gives you the perfect opportunity to network and build friendships that will last beyond the time you spend being a student. And having that network means you will also have plenty of support as you make this exciting transition. When living in the same building, life can become more communal and the basic stresses of everyday life, such as making sure you have three decent meals a day, can be lessened when shared. It also makes socialising feel safer and more relaxed, as you will know the company you are in.

Learn more about cultures

At Student Living, we accommodate students from all cultures. Which gives you the fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons to a variety of new cultures. You will also have the chance to learn new languages or strengthen your current language abilities.

All inclusive, affordable rates

This is the biggest benefit of having student accommodation in Cape Town. It is also this factor that makes having this accommodation so affordable. Our student accommodation includes the following:

  • Furniture
  • Television
  • WiFi
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Biometric security access
  • Undercover parking
  • Access to both the gym and the laundry room

This means you won’t be moving into an empty space or be without some of the basic, university student essentials such as WiFi access. You will be hard pressed to find accommodation that has all of these little extras, at our affordable rates. When you break it down, you will be saving more than you are spending each month. This will take off the stress of an already stressful life, and allow you to focus more on attaining your goals.

Gallery The Benefits of Choosing Student Accommodation in Cape Town

At Student Living, we are all about making your life as comfortable as possible. We worry about the big things, so you can focus on your studies or the launching of your professional career. To find out more about the accommodation we have available in Cape Town, please browse through our website, or get in touch with us.